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madelleine peabody's telephone time

"the time has come," the walrus said, "to talk of many things"...

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is anyone on wordpress?

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No, but, sadly, I've been thinking about it. Where's the community that LJ used to have? Where did everyone go?

i know. it's really disheartening. i don't think i'll have the same experience anywhere else.

i just joined wordpress, but i'm still reluctant to completely abandon lj.

i still keep it, but barely write in it. everyone is on FB/twitter now. the only people i know who really have blog followings like the old LJ style days is people with fans.

it is fun to talk about the LJ days with fellow LJers.

ps. my LJ email notifications have not worked in like... FOREVER> you?

my notifications work fine.

lj used to be so great. i never minded making friends with strangers because it was definitely a different kind of "friending." everyone was so candid, sharing their innermost thoughts, and i actually cared to read them! i've made some actual real-life friends on this thing (you included). it's so sad to see it dying.

yeah i feel the same way. i've met awesome people through it, and now because there are so many options out there for blogs, it becomes a pain in the ass for me to track everyone's instead of having a centralized place for it!

No - I went to tumblr.

blogger was no good.

LJ has lost it's support - most everyone has been scattered elsewhere. Thank God for Google Reader - bringing all my friends in one place. :D

are you tumblr friends with hachi?

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