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"the time has come," the walrus said, "to talk of many things"...

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the summer of hiatus, pt.2

beers (an afternooners must) after our urban hike on the eagle rock secret stairs. here, kay and i are vigorously conversing about growing up with our parents' native languages at the black boar.

i fell in love.

another afternoon activity for the books.

we built a swing on rock and roll in the back yard of the mccormick-bertuldo-mccormick law firm (aka greg, mark and t's house), which involved both beers and rootbeers alike. two of my favorite things!


we celebrated america at mandy's swank house. in between dueling for america and playing a minute to win it game with pretzels, we gazed off her balcony, which overlooked all of hollywood, and saw fireworks erupt from pockets all over the city.

this first thursday called for a free summer romp through the huntington library.

a little break to enjoy some snacks with friends.

we're just getting started with july...stay tuned for more.

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that was a good summer. the last good summer.

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