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madelleine peabody's telephone time

"the time has come," the walrus said, "to talk of many things"...

daily thoughts: day 1.2
i dropped my daily thoughts back in september so i'm starting all over again.

if anyone has been paying attention, i'm still seeing rob. it's been 6 months. he's stupendous.

i'm not ready to drop the dough, but i've been looking at houses lately. it's nice to dream. i haven't told him, but part of me is waiting until rob is ready to dive in. if we're going all the way, he should choose where he wants to live too. have i mentioned i haven't told him that this is what i'm thinking? don't tell him. yet. wait for my signal.

i'm sitting on rob's bed with casper, the friendly ghost cat, while he plays divinity 2 with his home friends. he gets pretty goofy on the headset. there's enough gold in their banter that if they all got on twitch they could get some real numbers. people pay money to watch other people stream their game play. this is now.

i discovered some new jams on spotify, no thanks to discover weekly. my dw playlists have been getting stale with the same old shit. i happened upon a track by william onyeabor, a nigerian funk musician from the 1970s-80s, and found a wondrous world of afro psych and funk beats. check out my playlist--