madelleine peabody's telephone time

"the time has come," the walrus said, "to talk of many things"...

daily thoughts: day 1
i thought i'd get back into journaling, even if no one was paying attention. i'm losing the ability to express myself. i'm finding that it takes more effort to break my mind from the hypnosis of the mundane, and mass media consumption is the main culprit. scrolling, swiping, watching. it makes the mind lazy.

i'm feeling experimental so i mixed orange and peppermint oils in my aroma diffuser, but i don't think they go very well together. toothpaste and orange juice. every night i go to sleep with an essential oil in my diffuser and play meditative music. i like lavender. sometimes i mix it with tea tree; eucalyptus if i want to add that medicinal factor. it makes me feel like i'm at a spa. have you ever done a float session? they put you in a float pod full of body temperature salt water. the salt water creates maximum buoyancy. i tried to spell buoyancy without looking it up. i was close. anyway, you have the option for full sensory deprivation by closing the pod and turning off the light, but i would have a panic attack, so i choose a light setting -- usually the multi-color slow dissolve. the place i go to has a small library of meditative music selections that you can listen to while you're in the tank. you choose the playlist before you go in. they won't let you choose from your spotify, apparently. you get in the pod and then you just float. the most difficult part is releasing your mind of all your thoughts and being in the present. you don't realize how much you're thinking about until you tell yourself not to think. but when you get to that point, your mind will shoot off into space sending you into waking dreams. it's like being high without the drugs. it would be a terribly expensive habit, but a healthier one i suppose.

i used to chew on my hair as a kid.


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