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"the time has come," the walrus said, "to talk of many things"...

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so this is the new year

i don't make resolutions every year. i only make them when i'm ready to sit life down and have a serious talk.

- eat better: no chips, all brown grains, dark green veggies, fruit, no mcnuggets -- i have this as a reminder on my phone that has been going off every morning at 9am since march 12, 2012 (sans the mcnugget part. that's new). i stopped paying attention to it months ago, but since i started working on a show equipped with craft services and never-ending snacks, i've deafened all voices of reason with the sounds of munching.

- try one new thing every day -- from taking one different street on my route to work to going surfing in tahiti, big or small, as long as it's new to me, i'm going to do commit to breaking from routine and getting out of my comfort zone.

- go to church every week -- unfortunately, i've let myself slip away again. so this is back on the list.

- explore the outdoors at least once a month -- i'm starting with a hike to escondido falls in malibu tomorrow morning. won't you join me?

- write a blog post at least once a week -- i used to be better at articulating my thoughts when i web logged on the daily back when lj was hip (and long after it wasn't). i thought i'd never get tired of writing...until i did...which is sad.

- visit a different continent -- this is happening. i'm thinking new zealand ($$$), hong kong ($$) or costa rica ($).

- stop making excuses -- srsly, crystal.

- get over it -- come on.


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