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the summer of hiatus, pt.1

when the fall and pilot television seasons are over, production goes into hiatus, leaving Level 3 Post a ghost town during the summer. that's when they start kicking some of into hiatus or mandatory vacation until the workload picks up again. this year, i was one of them, and i was determined to turn hiatus into


naturally, karaoke was involved right off the bat. we actually had an occasion for this one. my roomie yumichan turned 28.

owen was able to get a two-week hiatus from cartooning, and we took that opportunity to take a road trip up to his hometown of shoreline, washington -- just a hop from seattle.

we made a few stops on the way up.
one of them was morro bay about halfway to san francisco.

one of owen's best friends works at google headquarters (i know, right?). everything you heard about it is true. here we are taking a ride around the campus on google bicycles they've got lying around. just pick one up and go.

i don't know how people stay slim here with the limitless supply of indian, korean, vegan, american, whatever-else-you-can-think-of food in their multiple cafeterias and snack stations. oh yeah, i know. they've got a huge gym there too, among other things (like a laundry room, ball pit, pool tables, swimming pool, vegetable/herb garden, volleyball court...).

ducks on union lake -- seattle, washington

i can't stop posting this old karate picture! it's the most endearingly anti-epic action shot ever. it's pure gold right down to the silhouette. i'm so proud.
though we did walk around town a bit, this trip was more of a look into his past than sightseeing, which was much more appealing to me than some old space needle. we stayed in his old room, shared meals with his parents, hung out with childhood friends, visited his grandparents and walked around the university where he told me stories of college escapades.

oh, yeah. and we showed me the sidewalk he designed during his year-long career as a civil engineer. he is upset because he did not order those joints.


steven, kay and i went to see the flaming lips
at hollywood forever. boy, do those fellows sure know how to put on a show. i found confetti in my backpack weeks later.

i hooked up with fellow non-9 to 5-ers, greg, kay and sudhi, for some afternoon adventuring. i'm a huge fan of public transportation when i'm traveling but i rarely utilize it here. so i rode the bus in los angeles for the very first time to go to the moca exhibit, art in the streets.

my coworker turned me on to a book of urban hikes called
"secret stairs." it's filled with hikes in historical los angeles neighborhoods from the east side to santa monica and even as far up as pasadena that have hidden staircases. we took the eagle rock hike and tried to name local trees.

this was just the beginning of our afternoon adventures, but this post is going to get quite lengthy, what with all the swing-building, beach scooter rides, kayaking and rootbeer floating. so why don't we just break it up a bit?

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