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Day 10 -- What you wore today, in great detail
i'm going to do a little jumping on this meme. if you hadn't noticed, a lot of these prompts are pretty heavy, personal and ask for great detail, and if i'm going to be playing by the rules, i've got to do a lot of digging and simmering to do if i want to answer these questions the way they should be answered. i promise i'll come back to the ones i skip over.

underwear: a pair of boxer-type panties i got at urban outfitters a few years back. it's white with light blue stripes and two pink buttons on the fake fly. it's got one of those "love is..." graphics on it from the vintage single-frame comic that was popular around the time i bought them. i can't describe to you exactly what the characters are doing, but i think the girl left a kiss on the boy's cheek. it's really not important. i didn't get them for the graphic.

bra: an old, well-worn, nude-colored, padded, wireless, maidenform (aka grandma brand) bra. most of my bras are purely functional because i don't have much of a bust to flaunt, and sexy lingerie just looks ridiculous on my boyish figure. the elastic is so worn out, the bust-band is hooked into the tightest set of hooks and it still feels loose. it's fine, though. i don't really need a bra for support, unless it's to support my self-esteem.

coat: a brown plaid coat from forever 21 (the heritage line) that has a removable furry-lined hood. it's got a nice polyester lining that keeps me warm when i need it but is also breatheable. being that i live in los angeles, i don't really need many coats. i have a few that i only dust off to complement an outfit, but this is the only one that is both adorable and functional. i wear it every day the weather is below 65 degrees.

top: a blue and white baseball tee. i got it from my friend, jaime's vintage store, raggedy threads, several years back. it's better than any of the ones you can get at a sports store today because for some reason they don't make them as long anymore. i don't like a cold lumbar when i sit down, thank you very much.

bottom: 1969, medium wash, real straight, ankle cut, 2% spandex gap jeans, size 2/26. they're comfortable, but i don't love them. i wear 'em once and they stretch out. i'm usually a size 4, but these things start hanging off my hips by the second use.

socks: target brand, exhiliration, made them. they're black with white and red spots on them. they're a spandexy kind of material.

shoes: black, high-top, converse all-star chuck taylors -- my rainy day shoe. kids size 5 1/2. i got them from dsw shoe warehouse in 2003ish, i think. they've been loved, but the bottoms are still in great condition. you can still see every diamond at the bottom of each foot. the logo and size on the sole are still clear as day. i have a very confident stride. no foot-dragging here.

hair: i don't curl it anymore because it's getting long and starts to look stringy instead of full. i blow-dried it and ran the curling iron through it to minimize fly-aways. there's a brown bobby pin on the left side of my forehead to keep my long bangs out of my face.

jewelry: a 16k gold necklace with a 16k gold pendant with two mushrooms on it that once belonged to my mother. i believe it's from the 70s, but has no drug-affiliated significance to it...unless my mom was lying to me. i never take it off unless i prefer to wear another necklace that sits in the same position on my collar.

a light blue, beaded, fine-yarn bracelet that colin got when he passed through the southwest on his month-long road trip in may of last year. he got one for everyone in our short-lived band. it was something that really made me feel a part of his life. as our relationship changed, so did its significance. this also gets taken off very rarely.

face: olay moisturizer for sensitive skin, spf 15. revlon 16-hour colorstay eyeliner in black. l'oreal collagen mascara in blackest black. i didn't wear any foundation today. it feels pretty liberating.


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